Math and Science Team

Congratulations to the Math-Science team for being a finalist in Division @ at the Math-Science Competition at Mississippi College yesterday.  Also congratulations to the following for their performance on the individual testing:

Ali Pyles Top 15% in Math and Top 15% in Chemistry
Lizzy Pitts Top 25% in Physics
Hunter Vance Top 15% in Math and Top 15% in Chemistry
Anna Peyton Montesi Top 20% in Biology and Top 5% in Math


The following participated in the oral team competition: Kristina Hong, Ali Pyles, Lizzy Pitts, & Hunter Vance.

The following were the Participants: Mary Weldon Daniels, Drew Donahoe, Kristina Hong, Cade Junkin, Steven Marshall, Anna Peyton Montesi, Lizzy Pitts, Ali Pyles, Madeline Richardson, Rivers Robinson, Hunter Vance, & Samantha Vaught.