High School Curriculum


High School Curriculum

Honors Program
23 units, 21 academic


4 UNITS ENGLISH English I, II, III, and IV 
4 UNITS MATHEMATICS **Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Calculus
4 UNITS SCIENCE Biology I and II, Chemistry I, AP Chemistry II, and Honors Physics
4 UNITS SOCIAL STUDIES Mississippi Studies, Intro World Geography, World History, Honors American History, American Government, and Economics
2 UNITS FOREIGN LANGUAGE         ***Spanish I and II
1 UNIT COMPUTER Computer Science I and II
1 UNIT FINE ARTS Art, Music, and Drama
Dual Enrollment
Advanced Math 3 Semester Hours College Algebra
Chemistry II 4 Semester Hours Chemistry
Physics 8 Semester Hours Physical Science
Honors Composition 6 Semester Hours Comp. I and Comp. II
Calculus 3 Semester Hours Trigonometry


Minimum Total Requirements for Graduation 2010 and Beyond     22

Minimum Total Academic Requirements for Graduation 2010 and Beyond    20

**May be taken in the 8th grade for High School Credit

***Must be the second year of the same language



College Prep Track
22 units, 20 academics

4 Math (Algebra I and above)
4 Sciences (Biology and above)
4 English (including English IV)
4 Social Studies
1 Foreign Language
1 Typing/Computer Applications
2 electives


Non Honors Curriculum

21 units, 19 academic

2 Math
2 Sciences
4 English
4 Social Studies
1 Typing/Computer Applications
6 electives










English I


Life Science

English II

Consumer Mathematics

Health I

English II B

Algebra I Biology I

English III

Algebra II

Advanced Biology

English III B


Chemistry I

English IV

Algebra III

Honors Chemistry II/

English IV B

Advanced Math/

College Chemistry

Honors Composition

College Algebra

College Prep Science

Creative Writing 


Honors Physics/


College Physical Science   


Physical Science 










Social Studies

Foreign Language


Mississippi Studies

Spanish I

Business Management I


Spanish II


World History



American History



American Government**



Post World War II**



Modern Political Issues/

Art I

 Computer Science I


Art II

Computer Science II


Art III 

IA Web Page









Year Book


Non Academic

Graphic Design





Library Science



 Drivers Education***






**Available in Summer School    ***Available only in Summer School





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