High School Faculty


English Department    
English IV    
Honors Composition    
Lynn Delas    
B.A.   Delta State University    
M.Ed. Delta State University    
Creative Writing     
English III    
English I    
Carrie C. Hodges    
B.A. Mississippi College    
Additional Study  Delta State University    
English IVB      
English IIIB    
English II    
Ruth Carmen Poindexter    
B.S. MS State University    
Mathematics Department    
 Advanced Math    
Allen Snowden    
B.S. Mississippi State University    
M.Ed. Mississippi State University    
Ph.D. Mississippi State University    
Algebra II    
Algebra III     
Deborah Domino    
B.S.E. Mississippi State University    
8th grade PreAlgebra     
8th grade Algebra    
9th grade Algebra    
 Alatha Cochran    
 B.B.A Delta State University    
Science Department    
Chemistry I & II    
 Honors Physics    
Biology III    
Naomi Makamson    
B.S.E. Mississippi State University    
M.S.N.S. Delta State University    

Biology l & lI

Camille Hairston    
B.B.S  Delta State University    

Life Science

Physical Science    
 Biology IB    
Clete Putnam    
B.S. Lyon College    
Social Studies Department    

American History

Cindy Baird    
B.A. University of Tennessee    

M.Ed. Delta State University

Charles Mason    
B.S.B.A., Mississippi College    
M.Ed., Mississippi College    


World History    
Shan Wright    
B.S. Delta State University    


Mississippi History    
Shan Wright    
B.S. Delta State University    
Foreigh Language    

Spanish I & II

Jennifer Alford    
Computer Science    
Watson Cook    
B.A. Delta State University    
Fine Arts    
Jackie Burkhalter    
B.M.E. University of Mississippi    
Art I & II    
Dual Enrollment Art    
Nanette Long    
B.F.A.  Delta State University     
M.Ed. Delta State University    
Rebecca Barrier    
B.A. University of Mississippi    

M.Ed. University of Mississippi

Leigh Hargett    
B.S.E.  Mississippi State University    
Additional Studies  Delta State University    
Donna Britt    
B.S.E. Mississippi University for Women    
M.S.E Delta State University    
H.S. Librarian    
Donna Britt